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And & Both™
Masterclass April 2024

Dates to be announced.
Learn how to balance And & Both in your life. Most of our time is spent using Either/Or perception. You can either be suffering or happy, but not both at the same time. Emotional intelligence is the muscle you will be using/developing to balance suffering and happiness.
Yes, you can have both. You can also be frustrated and grateful….the list goes on. Stayed tuned for this upcoming course.

Heal the Healer (Registration: Closed)

This group is designed for all Healers that want to shift from:
Tired to awake
Overwhelmed to free
Resentful to forgiveness
Lack (not enough time/resources) to Abundance (enough time/resources)

Healers include but are not limited to:
Energy Workers
Hospice Specialists
Addiction Field Healers
ANYONE that takes care of and heals others.

Each group meeting will be 2 hours for 10 consecutive weeks. There is a limit of 20 participants.

Heal the Healer Masterclass topics include:

1. Here but not Here. Treating Shock/Disassociation ….know when you are here but not here so you can come home to your body. We are susceptible to energy from others when we are not present in our bodies. This class will help you identify when you are in shock or disassociating and get present for your protection.

2. Stay Grounded and Balanced… Learn to identify and clarify your physical, emotional, and spiritual resources. You will be introduced to clinical hypnotherapy to help you deepen your relationship with your resources.

3. Body Keeps the Score…..Learn about how your body stores trauma/stress and how to release it. We will use the Roby Chart which will help you understand where beliefs/stress affect your body. You will also participate in a body scan while in trance (clinical hypnotherapy).

4. Preventing Overwhelm and Burnout. You clarify your needs and wants and learn how not honoring your needs leads to overwhelm or even worse…Burnout. This class will help you learn how to honor your needs and heal/care for others at the same time.

5.Healing Cleanse. Learn how to use a Clearing Protocol… this potentially daily practice is used to identify fragments of your essential self/soul and rise above the ego/false self and release blame, shame and resentments.

6. A Journey to Forgiveness and Renewal… Resentments and past harm are hard to release. You will learn to identify and release what you intentionally and unintentionally hold against yourself. This class is will help you to forgive yourself first so you can more freely forgive others.

Heal the Healer Masterclass also includes 3 one hour private sessions with me.

As of 2023, I have worked full time healing people for 30 YEARS. This masterclass is a culmination of the most important healing tools that have kept me working in the field of psychotherapy and life coaching. These tools have healed me and allow me to wake up everyday with divine desire to serve others.

Meeting time is 4 pm PST, 5 pm MST, 6 CST, and 7 pm EST for TWO hours duration.

Group meeting dates are:

January 9,16, 23, 30 (2024)
February 6.13, 20, 27 (2024)
March 5, 12 (2024)

You will be emailed a link to my schedule after our first group meeting to schedule your 3 individual sessions with me at your convenience.


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