My favorite topics to help people work through:

Relationship drama

Why do I feel used?  Why do I feel resentment and frustration toward people I care about?  I avoid drama and conflict at work and at home…

Identity confusion

Who am I?  How did I get here?  How do I change?  What do I change?  I know I don’t want to be like….

Legacy reframing

Clarify what beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that you inherited from your caregivers.  Determine if these beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors serve you and if they don’t learn how to give them back in a respectful way that will avoid jail time.


Anxiety and fear frequently are obstacles to taking action and connection with others.  Do you worry a lot of the time?  What would you do if you weren’t afraid?


Do you feel like a bad person?  Shame may be involved.  Shame is a learned emotion that can become toxic if left unchecked.


If your life is feeling out of balance, boundary impairment may be the problem.  Impaired boundaries make it hard to say no, be clear about your truth, and connection with others.

Body Image

Are you in an abusive relationship with your body?  Do you notice anger or downright hatred when you think of your body?


Session Pricing

A seventy-five (75) minute session is $175.00. Please contact me to schedule your time.


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