Teams Building

Teams Building

This workshop is designed to bring groups/teams together in partnership. Teams fall apart when trust fades; accountability is gone or fleeting; commitment is to the self only- not the team; and most damaging are team members avoiding conflict of any kind. Horses provide a great opportunity to point these issues out without punishment and to provide a new path toward gaining the team spirit back. All work is done on the ground (sorry, no riding).

“Honor is an amazing person and does a great job at relating the work with horses to your job or everyday life. The workshop allowed me to realize so much and I worked through years of fears/anxieties. I learned how to relate to people/horses and how to rely on people around me. I would highly recommend this workshop (Equus Team Building Experience).” Jennifer Campbell

All the exercises are designed to provide your team with:

An opportunity to experiment with their verbal and non-verbal skills (energy) with their peers and the greatest teacher ever: the horse.

An opportunity to work with fear of conflict and “making waves” with team mates.

An opportunity to build trust with within the team.

An opportunity to take accountability without punishment or shame.

An opportunity to leave with a renewed commitment to your team’s purpose and goals.

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“Best opportunity I’ve had to experience my assumptions about others and how they’ll respond to my intentions; this through the horse as a mirror of assumptions and intentions. I experienced how a team can come together on a non-verbal level. I have been sent to many “team building” workshops over the years, but this was the best one yet. ” William Geckeler MD

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