Equus Workshops


No horse experience is necessary.  Not all individuals must interact with a horse to enjoy the experience of deeper trust and knowing.  So if you are petrified or just don’t want to get dirty, you will still have fun and learn a lot!!!!

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Workshops can be done at a variety of locations in California, Arizona, and New Mexico.   Read on and see the different workshop topics I offer. If you are interested, fill out the inquiry form and I will contact you to make sure the workshop will be what you are looking for. It is imperative this experience meet your needs so expect an email or call so we can set up a time to chat.

“Had a truly life-changing experience today at Loving Thunder Therapeutic Riding Center. Life Coach Honor Medina hosts Equus Experience Sessions where you interact and communicate non-verbally with a horse. Honor, along with this beautiful red roan gelding named Ted, helped guide me to achieve a new perspective about myself. Thanks Honor and Ted for opening my mind and changing me for the better.”

-Norm Shrout

Team Building

Teams fall apart when trust fades; accountability is gone or fleeting; commitment is to the self only- not the team; and most damaging are team members avoiding conflict of any kind.  Horses provide a great opportunity to point these issues out without punishment and to provide a new path toward gaining the team spirit back.

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Get Your Chip Out of My Dip

This workshop is designed to help individuals and groups to strengthen their boundaries.  For the folks out there who swear you don’t have anything resembling a boundary, you will find out you do have boundaries and learn how to fortify them.  The best part of this workshop will be learning  from horses.  Horses naturally show us how to build on our boundaries without:  shame, manipulation, and intimidation.

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Unmistakable Freedom

Confidence is a belief you can do it! Shame is feeling you are less than or just not worth it. This workshop is designed to reduce shame and improve confidence. When shame is reduced, confidence starts to take hold. When confidence takes hold you can experience Unmistakable Freedom.

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Workshop prices will vary depending on the fee of the facility I rent, how many people you want in the workshop and my travel expenses.  The price will range between $2600 to $6000 for a full day workshop. Discounts are available for non-profits and members of the military and their families.   

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This is a short interview with myself and Renee Sievert for KRQE in Albuquerque explaining how horses are natural teachers of leadership, communication, team work, social skills, and integrity.