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You will be walked through 10 exercises that were designed to cultivate a shift in your relationship with your body.  I have recorded video tutorials to compliment each exercise.  The exercises are designed to give you a lot of insight which can be inspiring.


My name is Honor Medina and I am an Equus and Life Coach, and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (22 years). My mission is to provide you with an experience that will allow you to challenge learned behaviors that are problematic; to correct false beliefs that keep you stuck; and to honor your truth. I believe in your innate wisdom and capacity to heal. I also know that life happens and when it does, it stomps the ____ out of your confidence! When your confidence (belief you can do it) is in the toilet, you question your value. I believe you never lose your skill or wisdom; it’s your confidence that needs to get BIG again. I offer individual coaching for a variety of concerns including: boundary repair, building confidence, managing emotional highs and lows, communication blocks, body image, and loss. Individual and couples coaching sessions are available live in my office or via phone. Group coaching is also available to address team/system communication blocks, leadership development and team building. My private practice is located on my farm in Carlsbad, NM.