This workshop is designed to reduce shame and improve confidence. Shame is feeling you are less than or just not worth it. Confidence is a belief you can do it! When shame is reduced, confidence starts to take hold. When confidence takes hold you can experience Unmistakable Freedom. Horses don’t care who you are, how many mistakes you have made, or that shame is running your show. They care only about how you show up and interact with them. Horses will provide you with feedback that is judgement free which will allow you to experience shame reduction in a safe, loving environment.

All exercises are designed to help you:

Not want to smack a confident, happy person on the street anymore.

Feel confident for more than just a few minutes here and there.

Take back your identity and make it sparkle again.

Develop shame buoyancy, so you can bounce back quicker should shame strike again.

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“This experience is very insightful to my views on situations. It’s a recognition of my world view and how to change my perspective to make things work better and feel less fear.” Anonymous (Unmistakable Freedom Equus Experience)