This workshop is designed to help individuals and groups to strengthen their boundaries. For the folks out there who swear you don’t have anything resembling a boundary, you will find out you do have boundaries and learn how to fortify them. The best part of this workshop will be learning from horses. Horses naturally show us how to build on our boundaries without: shame, manipulation, and intimidation. No horseback riding folks, but you will have a lot of fun on the ground. All exercises are designed to help you:

Be aware of your chip and your own dip.

Be aware when someone has their chip in your dip.

Know what to do when your chip travels or you want someone to remove their chip from your dip.

Enjoy your chips and dip with other people without: resentment, fear, or shutting down.

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“I have been thrilled and renewed to realize that at 62 years old and thirty years in the mental health field, I can still grow and be enriched by an experience such as this.” Neil Musselman DO

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